As of November 2013 FleurDanielle will be accepting any requests for PR Samples, Advertising Requests or Sponsored Posts.  These items will have an asterix (*) beside them and will be noted on the bottom of each post as well. Content without an asterisk (*) was either gifted to me by family or friends or bought with my own money. 

Despite FleurDanielle now accepting the above things for my blog all reviews will be 100% honest and I will never ever say I like a product just because I have been sent it for free or asked to write about it. The same goes for products that I have bought with my own money. I would be extremely disheartened if I went out and bought a product I had seen on a blog based on false reviews and I would absolutely hate if my readers were doing this as well.

FleurDanielle does not offer blog advertisement purely on the basis that I don't feel much benefit would be gained from it as I'm only a small blog. However blog button swaps are definitely considered. Please email me at or tweet me at xbellefleurx if this is something you would like to consider.

STATISTICS (As Of May 2016) 

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TOTAL: 5409 

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